Welcome to PrintWorx of Louisville!

Crysten Minzenberger

YAY - it's FALL!  I love this time of year....and no, its not because of everything Pumpkin Spice.  I love the cooler temps,  the trees changing colors, and well, the cooler temps.  

So - let's talk about the Holidays and gifts.....you want to send something to your clients?  Your friends?  Your staff?   We have it.  From high dollar items to less expensive items.  Have you checked out our website?   Thousands of items available.....OR if you just don't have time to search, let me know of some things you might like to see, and I will put a presentation together for you.   

What about sending holiday cards to your mailing list?  I think that's a long lost tradition.  We can customize your cards with photos and signatures....think about it - its a good idea.  

That's it for now - and remember to be kind.  I know a lot of people are saying it - but let's do it.