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Welcome to PrintWorx of Louisville!

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Hi Friends!  

It's spring time and almost Derby time!  Its going to be a busy time for Louisville - especially with the PGA coming to Valhalla right after Derby.   But what great press for our city and huge financial impact.  

So - onto another subject....customer service.  I know this is a topic of discussion just about everywhere.  But I really don't think good customer service is hard to attain and maintain.  Just be nice....answer the phone..... greet a customer with a smile....offer to find an answer if you can't answer it on the people back.....say please and thank you.   Basic stuff in my book.   I don't always have the answers for my customers -  but - I find the answer or another option/solution and I get back to them.  And so does my team.   It's amazing to me how many times I hear people say - "thank you so much for getting back to me.  No one else has."   And guess what - we end up getting them as a new customer.  


My small rant is over.     Cheers to everyone and happy Spring!!

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