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Welcome to PrintWorx of Louisville!

Crysten Minzenberger

Happy New Year to all of our customers and potentially new customers that might be reading this note.  

Are any of you playing Wordle?   Ok - yes, I am.  Daily.  We even created our Holiday card to look like a Wordle screen.   Did you know that was the top Google search topic in 2022??   Wordle.  Wow.  

Speaking of Google, we get a lot of new leads from people searching for printers or sign makers or even promo items.   Which is thrilling for me to hear.  We also get a lot of referrals from existing customers - which is even more thrilling.  It's a testament to our work and the way we treat people.  If you are longing for a company to answer the phones, help you on the spot, then continue with the communication - we are your company!  

Give us a try - you won't be disappointed.  Here's to a healthy and friendly 2023!


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